Jeff Holden (Australia)

Dear Biju, I would like to thankyou for the amazing work you have carried out on my teeth,

After a visit to my local Australian dentist in 2006 I walked out stunned after he told me due to the condition of my teeth in the lower jaw he could not save the four front teeth due to an abscess and bone loss,

He further went on saying if I was not prepared to spend thousands of dollars on bridges and crowns he would have to remove most of my teeth in the lower jaw and consider a denture,

I had heard of people having dental work done in Thailand so I started to do some research through the internet the price was around 50% lower than Australia but after factoring in accommodation and air fairs still was a little too costly.

I found Dr Biju Thomas at

Over the next week or two several questions were asked all were answered quickly and reassuringly,

I had a full x-ray done here in Australia and for a few dollars more asked for a copy to be put on a disk this was then emailed to Biju he confirmed my best option was to remove teeth and replace with dental implants,

On arriving in Cochin India I was a little nervous to say the least but after meeting Biju it was like seeing an old friend he was very warm and welcoming immediately I knew I could trust this man,

All the work was carried out over the next few days with no pain,

I was surprised at how easily Biju removed the tooth and fitted the implant in minutes so much so that I decided to have all 14 teeth removed and 8 implants done in the one sitting,

I was given pain killers and antibiotics so I was able to do some sight seeing and shopping the next day,

After a few days the stitches were removed and I had a temporary denture made this was a little hard for me to get used to at first but after a few weeks I was coping with it,

I returned just under 5 months later to have the crowns fitted it gave me great pleasure to throw away my temporary plastic denture,

My old teeth were short and were not visible when I smiled, the new crowns are fantastic Biju lengthened the crowns so they now can be seen when im smiling and talking,

No more pain, tooth ache, bleeding gums, and bad breath just perfect white teeth.

I would highly recommend Dr Biju Thomas and his lab.

Jeff Holden

Personal Trainer

Southport Nerang Rd
Ashmore 4214,
Queensland Australia.
14th May 2008
By Jeff Holden (Australia)
From Australia