Complex Dental Implants Treatment

Complex Dental Implants Treatment

Placing one or two implants and attaching teeth on it is fairly straightforward.

When do you call it a complex dental implant treatment?

When it comes to replacing complete teeth in one or both jaws it is considered complex rehabilitation. Most of the long term tooth less condition, the jaw bone shrinks to such an extent even the placement of a ten mm long implant is impossible without augmentation Surgical placement of implants in this bone can violate the nerves and associated vital structures in the bone or in the vicinity. In such cases augmentation of bone in vertical and horizontal dimension is needed. The bone grafts used are synthetic or even harvested from the patient body like skull, hip, fibula or chin ect. This augmentation is most often done along with the placement of implants.


This is much advertised procedure by a company called NOBELBIOCARE. It is misleading to the patients as the advertisement does not tell who can be considered for this procedure. Only those patients who has right quantity and quality of bone can only get this done. Any patient who needs augmentation has to have the bone augmented and then only the implants can be done.

Who can safely do this surgical procedure?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is trained in such surgical procedures is most often doing these procedures. His surgery is best suited to do such procedures as the decorum of the clinic is planned to carry out such procedures. At scientific dental clinic we have all the equipments which are needed to for an advanced operation theater. To name few are bipolar, monopolar diathermy to control bleeding, emergency resuscitation equipments, facilities for fluid replacement. Intravenous sedation, piezoelectric bone surgery and an anesthetist on call. All emergency medication, oxygen delivering units, pulse oximetry, are also set up.

Any dentist who is performing this procedure should be competent in managing the complications also. Placing implants or grafts near the sinus can sometimes cause oro – antral fistula, acute sinusitis, or even displacement of implants into sinus. It is better for a dentist to get trained in such procedures so as to manage the complication also possible.

Is there any need for the patient to be scared about this procedure?

All this is mentioned is not to scare the patients but to mention how carefully it is planned in case of any demanding situations. More over the supporting staffs are trained to follow strict protocol in sterilization and assisting. At scientific dental clinic there are written protocol which cannot be violated in setting up the surgical room. This cockpit procedure is always done before starting the cases.

We routinely do such complex rehabilitation involving both the jaws. Sinus grafting, nerve repositioning, block bone grafting are done even as out patient procedure. Most of the people traveling for exclusive dental treatment might need multiple implants and bone augmentation procedures. Any dental surgeon who does not do these procedures has to either compromise on the quality or discourage the patient from getting the treatment if he or she is not willing to refer the patient to the specialist centers.



If you are looking for complete replacement teeth in one or both jaws.

If your dentist has mentioned that you have severe bone shrinkage

If you have been recommended sinus grafting

If you have been recommended nerve repositioning.

If existing implants are failing (Remember most of failing implants can be saved by specialist)

If you have medical problems like diabetes, hypertension or on any medication, asthma, epilepsy

We recommend you to consult a specialist if you need multiple implants in the back of you jaws (from the back of the premolar)

Why there is so much time needed for this treatment?

In case of a clinic that does not have dental laboratory in house there is more delay in work being transported from distant labs? Before placing the implants surgical stent is fabricated and this gives an idea for the surgeon to place implants in the correct locations. After extracting the teeth and placing the implants, fabrication of temporary dentures are also time taking. Again depending on a distant lab is time taking. At scientific dental clinic we have in-house dental lab where fully trained technicians are available to do the work time bound.

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  • Mr.Grahambell is working for the Petroleum industry in Australia. He had his full mouth dental implants done in 2010.
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  • A senior ICU nurse in Australia. A chief nurse of her caliber has very carefully scrutinized the sterilization standard at Scientific Dental Clinic and after being personally satisfied she decided to represent the clinic in Australia.
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