To salvage failing root canal treated tooth is challenging even in the hands of the most skilled dental surgeons. Most of the time there are abscesses associated and the tooth may be mobile. The treatment of choice is extraction of the failing tooth and placing an implant in that location.

Before the introduction of dental implant treatment different types of surgical procedures were used to counter the infection or abscess related to failing root canal treatment. But most of these procedures access the abscess by drilling a hole in the bone near the root of the tooth. This causes damage of the precious bone needed for placing implants.

Any surgery to remove the absces

s with the intention of saving the tooth is detrimental for the future placement of the implant. Periapical surgery results in removal of apical or buccal bone. Most conservative treatment is placing a root form implant and replacing the tooth.

Dr Biju Thomas as a western trained and highly skilled implant dentist routinely does extraction of failing root canal treated tooth and immediate placement of implants into the extraction sockets. Immediate loading (fixing of implants crowns on to the implants) is possible in two or three day’s time. All the treatment can be completed in one visit provided there is enough primary stability for the implants placed.

Dental implants has guaranteed 99% success rate. An integrated implant is eight times stronger than natural tooth. Most often an integrated implant last a life time.