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Scientific Dental Clinic was established in 2000 May.

In 2000, Dr. Biju Thomas started his own private practice in the State of Kerala, India
In 2010 he started an exclusive dental implant practice in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Dr. Biju Thomas who is by specialization a maxillofacial surgeon has over 28 years of experience in his specialty.

This clinic is one of the few clinics in India and probably in the world which predominantly focuses on dental implant treatment. Dr. Biju Thomas who established this clinic has developed the center as a one-stop specialty clinic to handle all types of dental and cranio-facial implant treatment. Hundreds of overseas patients from different parts of the world are treated by this time. Most of the patients come to Scientific Dental Implant Clinic exclusively for dental implant treatment. Our success rate with dental implant treatment is in par with the global success rate and we give a lifetime warranty for all the work we do.

Dr. Biju Thomas who is by specialization a maxillofacial surgeon has over 28 years of experience in his specialty.

He worked in centers of excellence like Cambridge University Hospital U.K. (ADDENBROOKS NHS TRUST, CAMBRIDGE), and Trinity University Hospital, Ireland (ST. JAMES’S HOSPITAL NHS TRUST, DUBLIN) in the capacity of a senior specialist. During this time he treated hundreds of patients in U.K. and Ireland. He was also registered with Dental Council of U.K. and Dental Council of Ireland and is in good standing with these organizations.

Every single patient who seeks dental implant treatment is personally treated by Dr. Thomas. The clinic has an in-house dental implant laboratory and hence no work is out sourced and the quality is always maintained. A surgeon who is hired on a contract or one who is free lancing can terminate a contract with the clinic and his services may not be available in later years. Dr. Thomas is the implantologist for Scientific Dental Clinic, he also owns the clinic and the clinic functions independently. Dental technicians of the clinic are specially trained in implant prosthetics.

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The clinic follows a diligent sterilization protocol. It is a low volume clinic as the overseas patients are given one to one attention at all times. All international parameters are taken care of to maintain aseptic conditions.

The clinic is equipped with all the machinery needed to treat complex dental implant treatment. Our inventory includes five state of the art physio dispensers & two piezoelectric bone surgery units. All the bone augmentation procedures like sinus grafting, local extraction socket grafting, block bone grafting to manage vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, nerve repositioning, guided tissue regeneration etc. are routinely done. The diversity of implant stock and bone augmentation materials on-hand can handle any clinical situation comfortably.

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25 years of dedicated expertise in dental implant treatment is unmatched. Contact us to get one to one attention!

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