Stan Hanusiak (United States)

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, I am back in California and, thanks to you, I am ….smiling! Tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA and for me the No.1 reason to be thankful is the excellent care I received from you. Between the time I was picked up at the airport and the time I was dropped off, there was nothing that would not exceed my expectations. I certainly did not expect to have fun, but I did!

I had dental implant treatment for full moth rehabilitation. I am waiting to complete the healing period to come back and get my permanent teeth attached to my implants.

The dental surgeon to whom she referred was Dr Biju.

Now my wife, Joan, is getting all excited about visiting Kerala and perhaps more. After the 26 hour flight and long sleep I am finally awake and can hardly believe I managed to circle the globe in 12 days(From 12-11-08 to 25-11-08) . It seems like I never left our little (10,000 people) town ( Just as I was writing, the news of tragic events in Mumbai got to me and my thoughts got back in India. I’m hoping the impact of these events will not reach beautiful Kerala. Once again, I wanted to thank you for giving me such outstanding care and would like extend my best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely

Stan Hanusiak


2nd Visit

I got my permanent teeth attached to implants after a six months of healing period .

I am still smiling all the time!!

The teeth are working very well, biting just right, look very natural and it feels like I’m eating with my own teeth. I’m finding eating can be a lot of fun again.

All I can say now is Thanks!. My expectations were certainly exceeded.

Best regards to you and your family- and please keep doing it, folks like me need you!



By Stan Hanusiak (United States)
From United States