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Established in 2002, We specialize in complex Dental Implant Treatment Services in Cochin. Our proven expertise in the dental service field for over a decade has made us renowned in the town.Dr. Biju, a maxillofacial surgeon, has established the clinic in Cochin as a one-stop solution for all dental care one requires. Having worked in the capacity of a senior dental specialist in the UK, every patient seeks his 25 years + dental expertise. Overseas patients also fly to drop by our clinic as we have an efficient in-house dental care system. Our dental clinic in Cochin is also one of the first dental clinics in India to offer Dental Implant Treatment services. Our treatment success rate with dental implant treatment is on par with the global success rate, and we give a lifetime warranty for all the dental services we render. We, Scientific Dental Clinic, stands for the wellness of the patients.

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  • Kerala Clinic

    Located in the Southernmost state of India, Our Clinic in Kerala is an on-demand dental Clinic. Apart from the local dental patients, overseas patients come to our clinic for dental services to enjoy the lush green tropical paradise of palms and beaches. Since the Kerala Tourism Department is also very welcoming, our patients find solace visiting our clinic here. Situated in the shores of the Arabian Queen, we provide the best dental care experience in terms of treatment, care, and overall experience.

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  • Dubai Clinic

    Our Dental clinic in Dubai performs complex dental procedures for a range of patients per day. Specialized in dental implant treatments and full mouth rehabilitations, the clinic is also run by specialized maxofillial surgeon Dr. Biju. Situated in one of the seven emirates of UAE, Dubai is the best dental clinic location because of the immigrant culture that tends the flow of people from most of the nations worldwide. This unbelievable tourist and trade center offers the best experience and so does our clinic in Dubai.

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Excellence in Dental Implant Treatment

Dr. Biju Thomas   BDS, FFDRCSI (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland),FICOI (USA) Consultant Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon & Implantologist.   FICOI (USA) - Dr. Biju Thomas, Maxillofacial Surgeon and Impalantologist, is the skilled presence we have on board, with the proven expertise of 25+ years in the dental implantment treatment field. He has received various accolades and titles worldwide due to his impeccable dental treatment excellence. Having completed his BDS, later he became FFDSCRI (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) and FICOI (Fellowship in the International Congress Of Oral Implantologists) members. He is also a certified specialist Implantologist and GP who has worked in the Dubai Ministry of Health. His relentless service has attracted patients from worldwide to date.

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