Bill Boychuk/Corinne Campbell (France)

“We were just tourists in India and by chance had a conversation with a woman who had dental treatment at the clinic of Dr Thomas. After checking the web site and credentials of Dr Thomas (most impressive are his credentials from Cambridge, in England, and Trinity College, Ireland) we both had treatment in 2007.

Corinne came back to France with 6 new crowns and an implant, Bill with 6 new crowns. This year, 2009, we returned to India and planned stage two of our treatment with 8 crowns each. We were extremely happy we did.”

We highly recommend this method of dental treatment. Apart from the expertise of European trained dental surgeon Dr Thomas and his in-house lab, you benefit by a trip to India, at a very reasonable cost. We can’t imagine going to any other dentist and plan to return next year for one more visit.

If you decide to make the trip to India and have a dental holiday, we are ready to assist you .As European representatives; we can answer any questions you may have about the clinic and the treatments available at the Scientific Dental Health Clinic. Help you decide on an itinerary, including travel, taxi, and hotel arrangements. Make suggestions for your successful dental treatment and your holiday of a lifetime in India.

Bill Boychuk/Corinne Campbell

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By Bill Boychuk/Corinne Campbell (France)
From France