Georgina and Guy Allan (Australia)

Thank you so much for everything. We are both so happy with our new teeth.

To anyone thinking of getting full mouth implants or any implants or specialized dental work we highly recommend Dr. Biju Thomas.

9 years ago I had surgery for tongue cancer and had a new tongue made from a flap from my inside forearm. At the time of the surgery they removed all my back teeth. So I only had 8 teeth at the top and 8 at the bottom. Because of the tongue reconstruction I had been told that I would have to have implants for the bottom teeth. I decided because of this and the condition of all of the remaining teeth I had the best option was too have full mouth implants. This was way to expensive to do in Australia. I had heard of Dr Thomas through other patients of his in Australia, so I contacted him with my details. I also contacted other implant dentists in India and other countries and decided upon Dr. Thomas as I realized he was the one who understood about my mouth and appeared to be the most knowledgeable implantologist I spoke to.

My husband Guy accompanied me to Kerala and upon getting his mouth checked by Dr Thomas he also decided to get full implants. Guy had been wearing a partial denture for the upper teeth and had only 2 teeth left. These 2 teeth were wobbly and ready to come out. He also had serious infection in his gums that was recurring.

On this first trip we both had all our teeth removed and screws put into our jaws.
Dr. Thomas has a very calm manner and is very confident and competent in all he does.

We both were fitted with temporary sets of dentures to wait out the 4 months or so to get the permanent implants fitted.

We returned to Kochi, Kerala in June to get our implants. It was so lovely to hand over our temporary dentures to Dr Thomas and to get our permanent implants.

We are so both so happy with them. I love being able to eat hard foods again after 9 years. My face has become more like it used to be pre surgery and my digestion has improved.

I recently went to see my Ear, Nose, Throat specialist who was absolutely rapt with the implants and asked me who did it. When I told him I went to India and had it done by Dr. Biju Thomas, he said that he has done a fantastic job and really knows what he is doing.

So Dr Thomas, thank you so much you have really improved the quality of our lives, and we highly recommend anyone thinking about implants to go to Dr Thomas, he is the best.

Kind regards
Gina and Guy