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DENTAL TOURISM IS ON THE RISE. But the patients are overtly anxious about logistics and huge cultural shock even with the thought of traveling half the globe and going to a country like India for extensive treatment. This is especially augmented when these patients are not frequent travellers and if they are aged above 50 years. Dr Thomas who is the consultant Maxillofacial surgeon has been treating overseas patients for over 25 years have found a solution to all these problems. He built a four-star hotel and dental clinic all in one premises. Both are owned by Dr Thomas.

The hotel has 40 airconditioned rooms and the clinic is in the same building with high-speed elevators.  

Patients who wish to travel for dental tourism worry on below listed topics. Dr Thomas personally replies to all these concerns

1. Location and Accessibility

Where is Scientific Dental Clinic Located?

Our clinic is situated in Kerala, a beautiful southern state in India renowned for its beaches, wildlife, hill stations, and cultural richness. 

Which the nearest airport to the clinic ?

Cochin International Airport, a modern, solar-powered facility, is conveniently located just 20 km from our clinic.

How will I go from the airport to the clinic?

Upon your arrival, our team will personally greet you and provide comfortable transportation directly to the clinic.

3. First-Class Accommodations

Where am I going to stay? Is this place safe and clean?

 We offer a premium 4-star hotel within the same building as our clinic. You’ll enjoy effortless access to treatment, comfortable rooms, diverse dining options, and 24-hour staff support.

How will I make bookings for my room?

Our front office manned 24 hrs by our trained staffs who are multilingual and will provide assistance.  

What sort of a food am I going to eat after the surgery?

You can meet chefs upon arrival and then food can be customized according to your requirement. Our chefs prepare special menus catering to post-surgery needs.

How far is the clinic and place I am going to choose to stay?

There’s no need to commute! Your room and the clinic are within the same building, maximizing your comfort.

After the surgery how can I travel on my own?

There is no need to commute you need only to take a elevator to reach clinic for treatment as well as to reach your room.

After the surgery if there is any discomfort who am I going to contact.  Am I going to get any help especially if it is upnight?

Our staff is available 24/7 to address any discomfort or concerns, even during the night. Your well-being is our top priority.

If I am prescribed any medication, where am I going to get it ?

If needed our staff will get the pharmacies which are located nearby, we’ll provide prescriptions and clear instructions. 


Getting Started with Scientific Dental Clinic

Step 1: Dental Assessment Form

Fill out our online dental assessment form, providing your details and a brief description of your current dental health. A dental chart is included to assist you in specifying the location of each tooth.

Within 24 hours, Dr. Thomas will personally respond to your email, addressing your concerns and providing a preliminary consultation.


Step 2: OPG X-ray

For Dr. Thomas to design your personalized treatment plan, an OPG X-ray is required. Contact your local dentist or hospital to inquire about getting an OPG X-ray.
Sending Your OPG X-ray Results:
  • Email or WhatsApp: Scan and save the X-ray result as a small JPG file. Attach the file to an email sent to or send it via WhatsApp to +916238124030.
Upon receiving your X-ray, Dr. Thomas will create your personalized treatment plan and estimated cost for your consideration.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Thomas

Our dedicated treatment coordinator will arrange an in-person consultation with Dr. Thomas at our clinic to discuss your treatment plan in detail.

Contact our Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator:
Mobile: +919447145656 (also available on WhatsApp)

Payment Options

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and international transfers for your convenience.

Treatment Deadlines

With 25 years of experience serving patients worldwide, we understand the importance of adhering to schedules. We have a proven track record of meeting deadlines, ensuring your trip itinerary remains unchanged.

Warranty Information

Our warranty policy is clearly outlined on our website for your peace of mind.

Transparent Pricing

Once a treatment plan and cost are agreed upon, there will be no hidden charges or surprises.

Can I talk to any of the patients who got treated here?

Absolutely! We’re happy to connect you with past patients who can share their experiences directly with you. You can read testimonials of our 

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Start your dental tourism journey to India with confidence! Contact Scientific Dental Clinic today for a brighter, healthier smile.

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  • Mr.Grahambell is working for the Petroleum industry in Australia. He had his full mouth dental implants done in 2010.
    Mr. Grahambell
  • A senior ICU nurse in Australia. A chief nurse of her caliber has very carefully scrutinized the sterilization standard at Scientific Dental Clinic and after being personally satisfied she decided to represent the clinic in Australia.
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