Judith Allan (United States)

J.Allan Utah, USA June 2011

After determining that dental implants were cost prohibitive in Utah (USA), I began a search in other countries and found Dr. T. I did research, talked with former patients, and then took a leap of faith and a very, very long trip to Kerala. Within a half hour of speaking with him, I knew I had made an excellent choice. Dr. T.’s credentials and easy manner put me at ease. He took pains to answer my every question and allowed me to arrive at my own decisions. Never once throughout the procedures did I regret my decision. I am delighted with the results!! I offer kudos to his staff and especially to the young lab technicians. They are an integral part of the procedure. My only regret is that Dr. T’s practice is not in my city!!


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By Judith Allan (United States)
From United States