Alan Frankel (Australia)

Dr Thomas, This is to certify the dental work that I have done by Dr Thomas over a period of 4 year period.

On my first visit I had 6 implants done ( 5 upper ones and one lower ) and 4 ceramic teeth crowns. All the work was not only completed satisfactorily but highly skillful and excellently done. The next visit 8 months later the crowns were attached to the implants after the time frame allowed the bone to strengthen and take around implants on the upper. Also I had my front upper 4 teeth capped as my teeth were very crooked. All the work was done perfectly and to highly professional standard.

On my 3rd trip I had two more implants were placed immediately after the removal of 2 teeth which had faulty crowns from bad work done in Australia before I saw Dr Thomas initially. During this visit extraction, placing implants and attaching crowns on the implants were done all in one go. Immediate loading single visit implants. What a miracle !!!!!!

My recommendation come from thorough research done on practitioners from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China and also speaking to other Australians who had work done by him. Dr Thomas came up trumps from all of them. Not only he is very reasonable his English is absolutely perfect, as it is so important to be able to communicate as well as to getting the correct work you want to be done

From my own experience I cannot recommend this skilled professional highly enough as well as a gentleman.


Alan Frankel

Queensland, Australia

By Alan Frankel (Australia)
From Australia