I am 75 years old British National; I recently had a car accident in South Africa lost many teeth and few of them are very loose. I was doing some research about getting my teeth fixed. To my surprise my neighbor in UK mentioned he had his implants (full mouth) done 14 years ago by Dr. Thomas in Kerala India.

I was very excited to hear that his implants are intact after 14 years and could not believe his smile and teeth are looking very good. So, I contacted Dr. Thomas and explained my situation and sent to him my OPG x-ray.  The communication was smooth and very fast.

Well, everything went as planned, we booked the hotel. The next day I met Dr Thomas I had 8 implants and 12 crowns. All completed in a week’s time including my permanent teeth. My neighbor who was treated by Dr Thomas 14 years ago had his implants done as two stage. He had to come twice to get his teeth done, but mine all finished in one week. I must say the procedure was very

Straight forward and less dramatic. I saved a lot of money as I could not afford the UK prices.

I am very happy with my new teeth and they look good. I can recommend Dr. Biju Thomas unreservedly. He did a swift and efficient job, using high-quality European sourced materials.

He also has a clinic in Dubai incase if somebody wants to choose his Dubai clinic.