Our Representatives


The representatives are previous patients who have undergone complex dental implant treatment with Dr. Thomas. They have travelled all the way exclusively for dental implant treatment and now they volunteer to share their experience and to give guidance on how to prepare for the dental implant treatment if at all you are planning for a journey of the same. Unlike other commissioned agents seen in other clinic websites, these previous patients service is purely voluntary and with no monitory benefit. Dr. Thomas profusely thank these patients for their generosity and willingness to help others.

(Representative for Australia )


A senior ICU nurse in Australia. A chief nurse of her caliber has very carefully scrutinized the sterilization standard at Scientific Dental Clinic and after being personally satisfied she decided to represent the clinic in Australia.

Email: wendyklein50@gmail.com


Mr. Grahambell
(Representative for Australia )


Mr.Grahambell is working for the Petroleum industry in Australia. He had his full mouth dental implants done in 2010.

Email: bellno9@yahoo.com.au


Mr. Ian Comboy
(Representative for United Kingdom )


Mr. Ian Comboy is a very well known music teacher in UK. Tel Land Line 00441803 – 866294 // (From UK – 01803 – 866294) // Mobile :00447890509474 // UK :07890509474 .



Carmel Murray
(Representative for Ireland )


Civil Servant (retired) Formerly of the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. Republic of Ireland TEL: 01 2304753

Email: murray.carmellanne@gmail.com


Mike Drew
(Representative for New Zealand )


Mr. Mike Drew is a very well known voice actor. He spent lot of his voice acting in UK. Now he is residing in New Zealand.

Email: mikedrew@clear.net.nz


Dr. Villy Lilleasen and Mr Bjorn Lilleasen
(Representative for Sweden,Norway,Denmark )


Dr. Villy and Mr. Bjorn are twin brothers and they came all the way from Norway exclusively for dental implant treatment. Dr. Villy is a leading medical practitioner and a physician.

Email: villy32@yahoo.no


Yoong Lee
(Representative for United States )


I too travelled all the way from United States to Kerala, India and had extensive dental implant treatment which was very affordable from Dr.Biju Thomas. From my own experience I volunteered to share my experience and give advice for people who are planning for a similar journey from United States and China from where I am originally from.

Email: thinkbamboo.yoong@gmail.com


Virginia Yoong
(Representative for Malaysia,Hong Kong )


After having extensive dental implant treatment which is very successful from Dr.Biju Thomas I decided to represent his clinic for Hong Kong from which I am originally from and Malaysia where I spend most of my life. I am more than happy to share my experience and give you advice on how to get started. Mrs.Virginia Yoong

Email: virginia.yoong@gmail.com


Jean Alexander
(Representative for Scotland )


After 2 years of researching Dental Implants, at home in Glasgow and abroad! I came across Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in Kerala! I had never in a million years thought about  India for Dental Implants or even a holiday.  I discarded the notion of travelling to India and kept my search in Eastern Europe or Cyprus as I have a house their.  I also had been for a (very expensive) Consultation in my home town of Glasgow who Very Strongly advised me against going abroad. Trying to convince me that Dentistry Abroad is inferior to the UK!!!!

Email: jeanalexander1962@gmail.com