Jean Alexander (Scotland)

After 2 years of researching Dental Implants, at home in Glasgow and abroad! I came across Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in Kerala! I had never in a million years thought about  India for Dental Implants or even a holiday.  I discarded the notion of travelling to India and kept my search in Eastern Europe or Cyprus as I have a house their.  I also had been for a (very expensive) Consultation in my home town of Glasgow who Very Strongly advised me against going abroad. Trying to convince me that Dentistry Abroad is inferior to the UK!!!!

I sent Dr Thomas my OPG Scan and he very promptly replied with two Dental Plans. I got in touch by e mail to some of Biju’s previous patients,  who are all very contactable! ! I never heard right away, which is a good sign because previous websites were giving me an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE, and it  is very suspicious to hear from someone instantly ! Responses straight away are automated and should set off alarm bells. The patients I had contacted called me at home, one woman called from France and they all had nothing but positive things to say about their experiences .  I made up my mind to travel to Kerala. I arrived in Kerala at the end of March 2017. I went to Dr Thomas’s surgery the day after I arrived.

The weather was very humid and hot as it was the start of the summer. I stayed in Fort Kochi and travelled over to Ernakulam by ferry to Biju’s Dental Surgery. On meeting Biju myself and my partner,  who had accompanied me, sat in his office and discussed which Dental Plan would be best for me in the long term. I chose to have basically a full mouth reconstruction. I did not feel pressurized or rushed in any way. We were in the surgery a good couple of hours chatting before I started my Dental Implant Treatment. I was in the chair for 1 hour 45 minutes and felt no pain. I had teeth removed and 8 implants placed on the top, a sinus lift and a bone graft. I had no pain at all and was able to go out that night and enjoy a plate of noodles and a glass of wine.

I went back the next day and had 4 implants placed in the bottom. Again it was pain free and just felt like a dull tooth ache later at night. I had a Flipper denture made for the top and a partial denture for the bottom. We only had a couple more visits to Biju’s Surgery and had plenty of time to do sightseeing and even went up to the Tea Plantations for a couple of days, which for me was the highlight of our holiday.

The Implants had to be in for at least 6 months, before they could be completed. Biju advised me to have the rest of the work done in Dubai, as it was only one flight and  since I was wanting the Hollywood Smile, the porcelain finish was better.

 I had been getting pain in my lower teeth and noticed one of my teeth was getting shaky just before I was due to go to Dubai. I went to Dubai in November 2017 to have my Dental work completed. The weather in November was just perfect. I went to Biju’s surgery the day I arrived and mentioned to him about the shaky tooth and having pains in my bottom teeth. Biju was preparing my lower teeth to be crowned , and when the old crowns came off the teeth underneath were not in good condition and moving. the shaky tooth I had, also had to come out as I had an infection. So I needed another 3 implants and 5 teeth removed on the bottom. Due to the infection I needed antibiotics and had to return another day to have the work done. The only time I felt pain during every procedure I had done,  was from the infection. I returned the next day and had the teeth removed and 3 implants placed. I had not expected to have this extra procedure and also there would be an extra cost. Biju being the gentleman he is, reassured me not to worry about the cost, and to pay him whenever I could. 

I returned home with My Hollywood Smile!!! A very happy person. It did take a few weeks to adjust to the Implants, as nothing is the same as your own teeth, but they function very well and look very natural. Every one always compliments me on my teeth. No one has ever asked if they are Implants or Dentures!!!

Biju is a very calm, caring and reassuring person. He is very easy going and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. 

Would I do it again???



Jean Alexander