How to choose your Implant Surgeon/Clinic

How to choose your Implant Surgeon/Clinic

This is the single most home work a patient must be doing before selecting a clinic or a destination. What are the parameters you should be looking for choosing a surgeon?

 Following are some important factors you should be looking for;

Qualification of the Surgeon
Dental implant treatment is is the gold standard treatment for replacing missing teeth. For this treatment to be carried out the Implantologist must have a strong surgical background. In the dental fraternity there are many specialties. The basic qualification is BDS and they are called

General dentist.
He does mostly all basic dental treatments. But not trained to carry out complex surgical procedures. You cannot expect a general dentist to carry out specialized surgical procedures which are often needed.Orthodontist is a dentist specialized in correction of crowding of teeth. In laymen’s language braces. You cannot expect surgical expertise for an orthodontist. Mainly, the dentists who can safely perform complex surgery are oral and maxillofacial surgeons.  Straight forward placement of implant can be done by any dental specialist or general dentist.If you think your teeth was missing for a long time and if there is shrinkage of bone then it is better to see a maxillofacial surgeon.

Training background of the surgeon
Western patients will be more comfortable if the surgeon is western trained and if  he has worked in a known centers of excellence in the capacity of a senior specialist.  This does not mean the domestic qualification is any inferior. As Dr Thomas has worked a fully paid maxillofacial surgeon UK and Ireland most of the overseas patients are comfortable and they can easily counter check his credentials with the hospitals he worked.  

Testimonials of the previous patients treated 
Most of the dental implant clinic website gives volumes of information but the most relevant of all is the patient testimonials. You must, if you get a chance to contact the previous patients and try to get their feedback about the results they have achieved and the intensity of the procedure they have undergone. Any websites which gives the contact details of the previous patient are genuine and can be trusted. Scientific dental clinic gives scores of the patient’s genuine testimonials with contact details from different parts of the world. These patients traveled from different part of the world exclusively to this dental implant clinic for extensive dental implant treatment at a very affordable cost.

Communicate with the surgeon directly
Most of the commercially run dental clinic will be hesitant to bring the surgeon into the communication loop. You probably will be talking to a secretary or front office staff that has no medical back ground. It is always better if you can talk to the surgeon directly and ask as many questions as possible. This gives you an indication of whom you are dealing with.

How long is this surgeon working for this clinic
It is important to find out how long is this surgeon working for this dental clinic. Is he a part time or full time? Most of the freelancing surgeons will vanish after some time?Please find out  if a surgeon owns the clinic or if working over a period of 5 years then you can peacefully avail his service. Remember if you need an aftercare or at least to get some information you need to contact the surgeon who operated on you. If a freelancing surgeon has left the clinic sometime will have difficulty in getting aftercare.

Avoid implantologist who are selling one brand implants to other clinic
You can find some surgeons mostly into selling an implant brand. These are brand ambassadors of a particular implant company. They have only limited option. The only option would be to sell that brand to you instead of giving options.

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