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Dental implants in India, Affordable dental implants in India

Dental implant treatment is the gold standard procedure to replace natural tooth which are missing or that cannot be saved. Our track record of 15 years of EXCLUSIVE DENTAL IMPLANT PRACTICE is scientific and evidence based. Seven thousand five hundred patients treated for complex dental implant treatment from across the world. Most of our patients have been wearing dentures for many years and they have been told that dental implant treatment was not possible due to severe bone shrinkage. We use multiple techniques namely Single stage or immediate loading or two stages procedure which is safer for patients with severe bone loss. We use world's best implant brands which are FDA CERTIFIED. We have two clinics, one in Dubai and other in India to give you a choice of destination. 40% of our new cases are referred by previous patients.


Dental Implant Clinic in India


This is the only dental clinic in India which does exclusive dental implant practice. Dr Biju Thomas who is the owner and the chief implant dentist of this clinic have worked as a senior specialist in centers of excellence like Cambridge university hospital , UK and Trinity university hospital Dublin for years. This dental implant clinic is performing complex dental implant practice for the last 22 years. Hundreds of overseas patients received full mouth dental implant treatment from this clinic and their implants are in function for over 10 years. Read our Testimonials and contact them directly to hear their experience. They have saved 70% to 80% in treatment charges compared to their home country. There is diligent sterilization standard followed in this dental implant clinic in India.

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Dental implant procedures are a solution for any of the below situations

Dental Implants Clinic in India

Dental implant treatment is the gold standard procedure to replace natural tooth which are missing or that cannot be saved. Over the years, we at Scientific Dental Clinic have strived to provide our customers with the highest level of specialised services through a firm dedication to excellence. By constantly growing our knowledge and expanding our horizons, we are finding new and improved ways of treating our patients, becoming one of the most trusted experts in dental implants in India.
Our impeccable track record for exclusive dental implant practice has established the benchmark for others to follow, with over 15 years of experience in delivering world-class service and innovation to the field. We have administered complex dental treatments to seven thousand five hundred patients across the world, and our vision is for more people to make the most out of their lives by having teeth that they can be perfectly confident with.
Our experience in the field allows us to see past the problem and towards a viable solution. Most of our successful cases have been with patients who have worn dentures for many years. Due to this, experts from other clinics have advised them against implant treatment in light of possible severe bone shrinkage.
To address this, we use various tooth implant  techniques such as ‘immediate loading’ and two-stage procedures, both of which are safe options for patients with severe bone loss. We use only the best brands in the market today, and we make sure all our products are FDA-certified. The numbers are a testament to our success: 40% of our new cases are referred by previous patients.

Dental Implant Cost in Cochin, India

While there are other outfits in the country that provide that have an expert dental implant surgeon, we are the only clinic in India that deals with exclusively with teeth implantation.

Doctor Biju Thomas, who is owner and chief dentist of our clinic, has served as a senior specialist in centres of excellence like Cambridge University Hospital, in the UK, and Trinity University Hospital in Dublin for many years. Under his vision and leadership, we have been able to provide world-class services at competitive prices. By combining high quality services with affordable rates, we are providing unmatched value to our patients.

In fact, customers claim they have saved 70% to 80% in the cost of teeth implants as compared to similar services available at their home country.

Benefits of being with the best dental implant clinic in India

As one of the leading providers of dental implants in India, we ensure that our methods, techniques, and environment are up to international standards. Firstly, we stringently sterilize all the equipment at our clinic to eliminate all bacteria in the workplace. We use the latest autoclave technology for all our equipment and supplies. Additionally, we require our attendants to go through a rigid hand scrub before every procedure to make sure that their hands are free from any foreign elements that may be transmitted through touch.

Finally, every procedure is conducted under the guidance of our experienced specialists, so patients can rest assured that they will be getting the best services possible through us. Combined with our highly competitive prices, we offer a level of service and affordability that is like no other in the country.

We have a clinic in India and Dubai, and our aim is to bring more smiles to the world through our dedicated services.

If you wish to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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