Complete Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants in the LOWER JAW

The name of the lower jaw bone is called MANDIBLE

It is U shaped single bone attached by two joints called TM Joints to the base of the skull. There are very powerful ligaments and muscles which moves this bone for effective chewing. You will be surprised to know the force exerted between the back teeth and it can be up to 150 kg per sq inch. This jaw bone can move in many directions for pulverizing the food that we take. There two nerves which traverse this bone from either side entering from the back inside and exiting the bone outside between the two premolars. This jaw bone holds 18 teeth in total.


The part of the jaw bone holding the teeth starts shrinking and you will lose the shape of the face. The only treatment that can prevent shrinking of bone is to place implants. The jaw bone recognizes the implant as the lost root of the teeth. The function imparted by the implants increases the density of the bone and the shape is maintained. So dental implant is done not only for cosmetic reasons but also for functional reasons.


The jaw bone shrinks to such an extent even the placement of implants will be difficult. Additional surgical procedures will be needed to place the implants.

Treatment Option to replace the lost teeth in the lower jaw with the dental implants

To replace all the teeth in the lower jaw 6 implants are needed. The placement of implants can be done in one session or a maximum in two days time. The time needed will be one hour each.

In three days time a temporary denture will be fabricated and given.


Two to four implants can be used to stabilize the denture. With this treatment you still have to remove the denture. But this is cost effective treatment for stabilizing a very loose denture.



One piece implants with ball abutments can be placed to the bone in the mouth and removable dentures can be attached to the implant on the same day. This treatment as it is done on sameday is very time saving, and comparatively cost effective to stabilize a loose denture. . Since the implants are attached and brought into function the success rate of such implants are less than a two stage treatment. In the delayed or two stage procedure, you leave the implants in the bone for healing to happen. With two stage treatment, the survival of implants is comparable to any two stage process. The advantage of this treatment is that in future if needed more implants are placed then this can be converted to complete non-removable implant-supported prosthesis.

Implant Supported Non-Removable Bridge

All the teeth in the lower jaw can be replaced by 6 or 8 dental implants. On top of 6 or 8 implants 12-14 crowns can be given. Implants can be used either for a non removable bridge or a removable over denture. The success rate of dental implant treatment in the lower jaw is from 98% – 99%

Benefits of Implant Supported Bridge or Over denture

  • Maintains integrity of facial structure (prevents further bone deterioration)*
  • Increases comfort and stability
  • Restores natural biting strength
  • Improves health due to better eating habits and improved digestion
  • Eliminates need for adhesives
  • Improves appearance (lost lip support restored)
  • Builds confidence in eating and speaking more clearly

In the lower jaw dental implant treatment is very successful. 98% success is easily achieved. The healing period between the first and second stage is only three months and implants can be loaded much quickly compared to the upper jaw.

Types Of Artificial Teeth Attached To Implants.

The artificial teeth can be metal fused porcelain crowns which can be cemented on to the abutments or screw retained. In case of severely shrunken jaw and when the patient has facial changes hybrid dentures are the choice. This has the features of dentures and crowns.

In some cases dentures can be stabilized by implants as over dentures or bar retained dentures.

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