Steve Berridge (United Kingdom)

Testimonial for Dr Biju Thomas (October-2007) When I decided to have implant surgery, I first consulted dentists in this country, but was staggered by the cost, it was then suggested by a friend that I should consider travelling abroad for the procedure.

I e-mailed several web sites, but the first to reply was Dr. Thomas, I supplied the relevant details, and received a quotation (subject to x-rays) within 24 hours.

Once I had decided to go ahead, all my travel arrangements were made by Dr. Thomas’s tour division Kerala Health Care Holidays.

I arrived in Cochin 1 day late due to an incident at Heathrow, but I had my first consultation on the first morning in India (Thursday 18/10) along with x-rays, and my first surgery in the afternoon, which lasted approximately 2 hours, my surgery was completed next morning, the whole process involved no pain, but a little soreness for a few days, and the treatment was conducted very professionally, and I was kept informed of what was happening at all times.

Saturday morning saw the time for temporary dentures to be fitted, and they are a great improvement on what my teeth looked like before.

Meanwhile my spare time was filled with trips and excursions arranged by Kerala Health Care Holidays. so the whole experience was enjoyable, and I am looking forward to April, when I will return to have the permanent teeth fitted.

I have no hesitation in praising the knowledge skill and professionalism of Dr. Thomas, and the travel and excursion advice and arrangements of Kerala Health Care Holidays.

Dear Dr Thomas,

In the meantime I have seen my dentist, who was very impressed and says he has told many patients, and now, having seen the finished job is very happy to recomend you, he asked that you would mail him again as he did not receive last one

I still have his e-mail address if you need it, please let me know

Kind Regards

Steve Berridge


By Steve Berridge (United Kingdom)
From United Kingdom