Hospital Support

Hospital Support

CHAITHANYA ENT HOSPITAL is a super specialty hospital dedicated to head and neck surgery. It has the most modern operation theater and anesthetic support.

The hospital is owned and run by Senior ENT consultant Dr Sayeesh Pillai MBBS, MS (ENT) . Dr.Thomas is a senior Consultant MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON to CHAITHANYA ENT HOSPITAL. It is a very clean low volume hospital close to Scientific Dental Clinic.

Dr Thomas’s Dental implant patients who require sedation or general anesthesia are treated in this hospital as in patients. As the hospital specializes in head and neck surgery the level of multi-disciplinary support available super specialized. Friendly and highly trained staffs are a blessing for this hospital. There is 24 hour care and most important one to one nursing care which is not available in any other hospitals.

Every single patient before general anesthetic treatment will undergo a detailed medical examination and required investigation.

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  • Mr.Grahambell is working for the Petroleum industry in Australia. He had his full mouth dental implants done in 2010.
    Mr. Grahambell
  • A senior ICU nurse in Australia. A chief nurse of her caliber has very carefully scrutinized the sterilization standard at Scientific Dental Clinic and after being personally satisfied she decided to represent the clinic in Australia.
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