Contra- indication For Dental Implant Surgery

Contra- indication For Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery must not be done in some conditions.

Dental implant surgeons performing the surgery must be aware of the contraindications listed. This is of paramount importance as for the safety of the patient. The surgeon must take proper medical history to find out the underlying medical problems of the patient. The absolute contraindications are the ones that surgeon should not perform implant surgery in such conditions. In case of any doubts the implant dentist must liaison with the patient’s physician to assess the medical conditions. It is also important to find out what medications he is on. That way any chance of drug interaction can also be avoided.

The absolute contra-indications for implant dentistry are Systemic

  • Recent myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident,
  • Valvular prosthesis surgery,
  • Immunosuppression,
  • Bleeding issues,
  • Active treatment of malignancy,
  • Drug abuse,
  • Psychiatric illness, as well as
  • Intravenous bisphosphonate use

An inexperienced general dentist venturing into the implant treatment can sometime overlook patients who have absolute contra-indications. One such example is patients who are on blood thinning medications like warfarin. Even in such case with proper inter-disciplinary support a trained maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Thomas can perform dental implant surgery on patients who are hospitalized.


A few have been listed-

  • Para functional habits like Bruxism, clenching, etc.
  • Poor motivation
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene maintenance despite evaluation
  • Anatomic limitations

An experienced implant dentist can sometimes work around the local contraindications. In any case the patient must be well informed about the compromised situation and the surgeon’s limitation in such a scenario. One such example is smoking. Success level of dental implant treatment is hugely depreciated in case of smoking. Para functional habits can be sometimes countered with habit breaking appliances and careful modification of prosthetic design. Motivation of the patient is again an important element in taking a decision or even it comes as the key factor in patient selection

Anatomic limitations are again an important factor in deciding if the surgery can be performed. In many cases the jaw bone has shrunk to such an extend placement of implant is challenging without damaging the nerves or other vital structures. Even in such conditions a trained maxillofacial surgeon can place implants by modifying his surgical techniques. Sinus augmentation can help place implants where there is limited bone poses a problem under the sinus.

It is again very important when you choose your surgeon to see his surgical expertise can take you safely through this procedure.

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