Chad Edginton (Australia)

Dear Biju I hope this finds you well, I would like to contribute a testimony to your site as it will help many others and thank you again for giving me the smile I always dreamed of. Warm Regards, Chad

If you are reading this testimony from the western world… then like me, you have searched the internet for alternatives to paying many thousands of dollars at your local dentist. Well after approximately 2 months of research on the internet at locations like Thailand or Vietnam, my partner and I found the Scientific Dental Clinic in Cochin, India. With extremely competitive rates packaged with an amazing qualifications Dr Biju Thomas became the obvious choice.

Dr Biju Thomas was very patient with us answering our myriad of questions about what to expect in India also regarding the procedures. What really made the difference to me was that Dr Thomas has lived and been trained and worked in senior positions in Ireland and the UK, so he really understood our ‘Western’ needs and concerns unlike any other clinic we contacted in India.

Dr Thomas timed my surgery to fit within the 2 weeks that I was staying, and was happy to work around the Otoplasty that I booked in at the Medical Trust Hospital (just a short walk from Scientific Dental). His work was thorough and tailored to exactly what I wanted. I respected the fact that Dr Thomas wanted to give me a natural looking smile, but I wanted that Hollywood smile – perfectly straight and whiter than white. I got exactly what I wanted! The clinic was professional and hygienic, and the staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating. All of the work carried out on my teeth was done with the up most of care and detail, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

On returning, my family and friends all marveled at his work, and are making their own bookings to see Dr Thomas too!

Why wouldn’t they???

Dr Thomas has more qualifications than my local dentist, and even after paying for accommodation, flights, and surgery I have saved thousands of dollars and had a wonderful holiday.

A note on my impression of India:

India’s infrastructure was a culture shock for us when we first arrived, but it wasn’t long until the surroundings were overshadowed by the beautiful locals. My only travel suggestion is don’t trust the seemingly helpful strangers in Mumbai’s Airport, and find accommodation after you have arrived in Cochin. As booking online costs more and the rooms don’t always look like the photographs.

Unlike our previous experience in Thailand we were never ‘conned’ or ‘ripped off’. I felt completely safe being by myself, so much so, that one night (instead of catching a Rick-Shaw) I walked back to my hotel after dark. I felt safer than if I was walking around in my home town, Gold Coast Australia! People smiled and waved, the sound of song rose from the many churches, and clothes’s shopping was great!

We loved dining in our hotel ‘The Star Lagoon’, a beautiful 3 course meal with fine dining qualities cost us less than McDonalds meal back in Australia! Overall it was a wonderful experience. Cochin not only revived my smile, but my spirit too!

Now…. I just cant stop smiling

Yours truly,

Chad Edginton

By Chad Edginton (Australia)
From Australia