Wendy Chapman (Australia)

FEBRUARY 2010 I would like to share my experience of travelling to kerala, India and having dental implant treatment. After developing gum disease around 17 months ago, my mouth and teeth were in very bad condition. I was told that I will lose all my teeth within 2-3 years. I was very depressed that at the age of 46 years old I would have to have dentures for the rest of my life. I decided I only wanted dental implants. I then was shocked to be told the cost for me to have full mouth implants would be around $70,000 in Australia.

After extensive research via the internet I found my way to Dr Thomas. I contacted him via his website and he answered all my questions in detail of my treatment needs, costs and travel etc. Being alone and never having travelled overseas before I was a little nervous. However, after Dr Thomas’s tour division arranging my airport pick up, Hotel etc, I arrived in Kerala. I fell in love with this wonderful place. The people are very friendly and I felt very safe. On my arrival at Scientific Dental Clinic I was welcomed by very friendly staff that made me feel welcome. The moment I met Dr Thomas I liked him very much and after a short time talking with him I was completely at ease and was very confident of his expertise.

My surgery was over 2 days and consisted of the removal of 25 teeth ( all my teeth ),sinus lifts, Bone grafting and the inserting of 16 implants. The Surgery was painless with only a little discomfort for the following few days. Dr Thomas was fantastic right through my surgery. He talked to me right the way through and explained everything that he was doing. I was amazed how relaxed I was. I could never sit in a dentist chair before without being very distraught. On the 12th day after surgery I had my temporary denture fitted and am very comfortable with this. I must say it looks great.

I spent 18 days in Kerala on my own and was so comfortable with the place I didn’t want to return home so soon. There are so many wonderful places to see. It really is incredible India. Dr Thomas’s tour division can also arrange all your tours. I very much look forward to my next visit and my final treatment in this beautiful city. Not only have I had full mouth implants for a fraction of the cost I was quoted but I have found a very affordable and wonderful place to have a holiday.

I recommend Dr Thomas to anyone wishing to travel for treatment. Finding Dr Thomas has changed my life. I feel fantastic now and look forward to seeing him again.

Dr Thomas, I would like to thank you for being a wonderful person and making me laugh. I can assure you I have never laughed or even smiled in a Dental clinic back home. You are not only a genius with your profession but also my friend for a life time.

Look forward to following up after my next visit.

Wendy Chapman – Australia

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By Wendy Chapman (Australia)
From Australia