Vicki Bell (Australia)

My name is Vicki Bell and I recently traveled to Dr Biju Thomas’s clinic in India. After 5 years of an immune disorder I had lost 6 teeth and the rest were weakened and discolored. I spent ten days with him and ended up with a full mouth rehabilitation. The treatment I received was personalized in a way impossible to receive here at home. All my questions were patiently explained and he worked at the pace I could handle in a gentle, unhurried manner. The hotel recommended was very comfortable,great service and only 5 minutes from the clinic.

3 months later I am still thrilled at the look and feel of my teeth. My diction is back to normal after correction of the front teeth, that had become buck, causing me discomfort and embarrassment. I now have 6 implants and 23 crowns. They look and feel wonderful ( lovely to eat a steak effortlessly! ) and I wouldn’t change anything about this experience. The treament would have cost 6 times more here – impossible to afford-and would’ve taken much longer to complete . I am pleased to recommend this experience to anyone who is contemplating repairing teeth for whatever reason. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ,

Vicki Bell,

Cairns, Australia,

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By Vicki Bell (Australia)
From Australia