Robin St. John (Australia)

I had 12 implants and 5 crowns for my teeth done by Dr Biju Thomas. I can’t speak too highly of the care and attention I received. It became obvious very quickly that I was in the hands of a very skilled dental practitioner. It is a joy to once again be able to eat an apple or carrot, or play my flute again. To anyone who might think one is crazy to have something like this done in India, I would say one is crazy not to. Dr Thomas’s attention to hygiene and detail was impressive, and I experience very little discomfort during the whole process.

Far less than it would seem that many of my acquaintances had having them done here in Australia at many times the price. Apart from that Kerala is a great place for a vacation, and a lovely part of India. I fell in love with Fort Kochi, where I stayed during the procedure, and couldn’t wait to get back for the second part.

Robin St. John


By Robin St. John (Australia)
From Australia