Peter Goldstern (New Zealand / Switzerland)

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your “no nonsense” dental care. As you know, I am a New Zealander living in Switzerland and when I had a need for tooth replacements, the estimates in New Zealand were only slightly less frightening than Switzerland. Initially I tried Hungary where the work was totally botched in a very fancy clinic.

After a bad start I did quite a bit of online research and found your website. With considerable nervousness I made the decision to trust your hands. After two sessions of 1 week with you, I have 3 implants (one is immediate loading) and 8 crowns which are very comfortable and look good.

As a licensed aircraft mechanic I was impressed by your split ring old crown and split tooth removal approach. To me it made a lot of sense for you to cut a multiple root tooth in half and then extract it, instead of yanking and pulling the entire tooth at the risk of having it break in the process.

Your sensible approach to dentistry accomplishes much more than a fancy dental practice to make up for possible professional shortcomings as I experienced in Hungary.

Spending a week in Cochin can be very pleasant with good, inexpensive food, and accommodation. If one is not careful, one risks spending some of the money saved with your services on the very attractive clothing and textiles in the shops.

Hopefully my teeth will not need more work for a while but when they do I will be in touch.

Until then,

Best wishes,

Peter Goldstern

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

M.Sc. Management (MIT)

Personal Pilot (Ret.) H.M. King George V, Tonga.

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By Peter Goldstern (New Zealand / Switzerland)
From Switzerland