Dental implant treatment is the ideal treatment option to replace one missing tooth.

Root form implants are replacing the lost root of the tooth. Hence the bone volume is retained. The adjacent teeth are not damaged as in the case of tooth supported bridge. The procedure itself is very straight forward and simple. Less than 30 minutes of chair time is needed to place an implant and can easily be done under local anesthesia. The blade vent implants like BOI implants are not suitable for this situation as the placement deliberately damages the buccal bone and gum recession and metal exposure are seen on later stage. Some of the root form implants commonly used are Nobelbiocare, ZIMMER, Neobiotec, Hitec etc. Any implants used must be ADA or CE certified which are the basic certification requirements for choosing an implant. Immediate function or loading can be considered in good quality bone. This means the whole procedure can be done in single visit.

With dental implant, you can – Eat the foods you love- and taste them too!

Removable partial denture or in lay mans term a flipper


This is usually made of plastic and patients have to remove and clean it every day. The biting efficiency of this flipper is only 10% as that of natural tooth. The flipper sits on the gum and it takes support from the nearby teeth and in the long term it weakens the teeth and it strips the gum away from the teeth.


Missing single tooth replaced by dental bridge

Adjacent good teeth are grinded to support the dental bridge. Damaging the adjacent teeth will cause dental sensitivity and future decay.


Missing single tooth replaced by dental implant


Dental implant replaces the lost root of the tooth and it is non-removable and it has a biting efficiency of 99% as that of natural tooth. An integrated implant is 8 times stronger than natural tooth. It can last many years even a lifetime.

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