Mark Steinberg (New Zealand)

I have a condition called Oligdontia which means that I was born missing several permanent teeth. As a result my deciduous (milk) teeth never fell out as there were no permanent teeth to push them out.

After I turned 40 some of these baby teeth were really at the “end of life” stage and needed to be pulled out. A dentist in New Zealand suggested that they could remove 3 teeth and replace them with implants but the cost was horrendous.

Having heard of “Dental Tourism”, I went home and started my research. After a couple of months and hundreds of emails later , one man stood out in terms of both quality and value for money.

Dr Biju Thomas was able to replace all 11 milk teeth with implants at not much more than I was quoted for 3 teeth. But what stood out was his skill and I soon discovered that not only was I saving money but was probably in the hands of one of the most skilled dentists in the world.

You see your average dentist might do 5 – 10 implants a year. But Dr Thomas specializes in implants and gets patients from several countries all over the world so performs literally thousands of implants every year. And you as the patient will benefit form this experience and skill. As a bonus I was able to have a holiday and experience a new country which was certainly better than going back to work after the treatment.

Mark Steinberg

New Zealand

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By Mark Steinberg (New Zealand)
From New Zealand