Dental Implant Treatment for Loose Teeth Due to Gum Infection

Teeth are held strongly in the jaw by alveolar bone. Gum infection will lead to destruction of the bone holding the tooth. In most of the cases it happens very slowly and patients are not aware of it. The symptoms are very vague. They could be manifested as below

  1. Bleeding Gums
  2. Puffy and Swollen Gums
  3. Bad Breath
  4. Tendency to press or to use toothpick
  5. Mobility of the teeth
  6. Progressive spacing of the teeth



  1. Bad Oral Hygiene
  2. Smoking
  3. Mouth Breathing
  4. Improper Brushing Habits


  1. Diabetics
  2. Long term Medications for treating Epilepsy.
  3. Educationally Sub normal people with reduced physical dexterity
  4. Tendency to press or to use toothpick
  5. Familial/Genetic

How one can diagnose gum infection?

Usually on a routine dental visit the dentist will identify the gum infection substantiated by X-ray investigation.



Treatment (Replace the loose teeth with dental implants)

Normal periodontal treatments and elimination of the underlying cause can get the disease under control. There are conditions which are refractory or not responding to the routine treatment which will continue to an extent where the teeth are very loose and beyond saving the teeth. In such situations the treatment of choice is to replace the loose teeth with dental implants.



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