Dental Implant Treatment For Loose Dentures

Removable dentures are used by many patients to replace the lost teeth. These are made of plastic or metal and plastic. Removable dentures have only 10% biting efficiency as that of natural teeth.


Disadvantages of wearing a denture is as below:

1. They are removable hence it has to be removed for cleaning and before one goes to sleep.

2. The plat is covered by denture in upper jaw.

3. Speech is affected.

4. Taste is affected as because of the palatal coverage.

5. Biting efficiency is minimal.

6. Jaw bones continues to shrink (often aggravated shrinking ) and old age look sets in.

7. Typical denture wearers look.

8. Lack of confidence is often seen.

9. Causes depression and indifference to social involvement.


Treatment with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the lost root of the teeth. These are inserted into the jaw bone. These implants are integrated into the jaw bone and thus it prevents shrinking of bone. Thus bone volume is maintained and facial shape is maintained.

Artificial teeth is fixed on to the dental implants they are non-removable.

Biting efficiency is 99% as that of natural teeth.

Can eat anything you like nuts, crunchy vegetables including stakes.

Boost confidence.

Quality of life is improved.

That way better performance in family and work environment.

Enables good digestion and less likelihood of health problem.



6 to 8 implants can replace 12 to 14 teeth in one jaw.



99% success guaranteed


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