John Hendrick (Ireland)

I live in Ireland and Dr Thomas was recommended to me by a senior consultant maxillofacial surgeon, and Fellow of the College of Surgeons, Ireland. I am 75 years old and made the trip on my own.”


The whole ten days there was completely hassle free from the time I stepped off the plane till I returned back in Ireland. I had twenty Implants and about a dozen teeth extracted not to mention the Bone Grafts. It was very professionally carried out, No Pain what so ever while the work was being carried out and what little discomfort there was later a painkiller took care of it. Also there was no blood what so ever involved in all this as that very much surprised me as I was on Aspirin after a heart By-Pass and then a Heart attack later. I have four Stents in it and numerous Procedures, so I was very concerned about all this.

Dr Thomas put me completely at ease and told me all that would be no problem at all, and how right he was.

This first trip was for ten days, and in the first three I had all twenty Implants fitted which included four mini Implants to anchor the temporary Dentures, which fitted perfectly and looked great they were so good I was nearly tempted to hang on to them and not return.

Only joking, everyone remarked that they looked great.

I was very fortunate when I arrived that I met one of these three wheeled Taxi drivers, as I had a lot of spare time and he picked me up and brought me to the Clinic every morning, waited for me and then brought me sightseeing, shopping, swimming and generally looked after me and all my belongings, and also to meet his extended Family. He was extremely honest and trustworthy. I would certainly recommend him.

The next trip was six months later, and this also took ten days, I had the Abutments and Crowns fitted and all went like clockwork, very professional, as there was a lot of work went in to getting them perfect, which they were. They feel as if they grew there, and they look perfect.

My Family tells me they have taken years off my Life, and no more toothaches, Fillings or the cursed and expensive Root Canals, which never worked for me anyway.

By the way, I got the same Taxi driver on my second stay also Dr. Thomas may have his phone number if interested.

Contact me if you have any questions that I may be of help with.


John Hendrick.

Dublin, Ireland

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In Ireland 058-42734. From other countries 00353-58-42734

By John Hendrick (Ireland)
From Ireland