Jahl Corrine Joyce (Australia)

I first heard about Dr Biju Thomas as a friend of mine talked to me about how satisfied he was With the Implants he had done by a dentist in India since few years :the Dr Biju Thomas.

I was interested needing myself some Implants, but I first wasn’t sure about India. When I first contacted Dr Biju Thomas he immediately responded sending the necessary information for me to understand the basic of Implants and what it involved as a patient. His communication was clear, precise, I could have all the necessary information to think about and take a decision, price per tooth all detailed and affordable..procedures..

As I decided to go forward Dr Biju Thomas requested a panoramic X-ray to have all the necessary information to assess the state of my teeth and bones. He came back to me promptly proposing a plan detailing and pricing each part of it. Proposing a concise schedule and timing for the procedure in 2 compact venues. I was provided everything I needed to take my decision.

  • First visit to set up the Implants : removing if necessary teeth, putting the Implants on. Creating a temporary denture to protect the Implants and allows eating soft foods.
  • Second one 4 to 5 months later to allow the necessary healing and consolidation of theImplants strongly settling into the mouth, to be able to receive the definitive crown.

When I first met Dr Biju Thomas at my first visit, I immediately felt taken in care and safe because of his competence and communication skills. All the appointments were well planned in advance for each day until complete completion of the dental work, considering as well how I was after each dental session…

The first stage about the surgery was concise and well planned, the time span and speed at which the procedure was done was perfect.

I felt all along completely taken in care not only because the Dr Biju is an excellent Surgeon, but also for his quiet professional presence and communication skills. All together I’m very grateful to him and recommend him, being aware that there are not many dentist I could have trusted to do such a deep work in my mouth a real surgery in the bones. It’s a matter of trust and I totally trusted Dr Biju Thomas  because of both his professional and personal human qualities.

After the healing waiting period, the second stage happened the same professional Way, the experience was as good as the first time. And the final out come was completely satisfactory on the functional level achieved as much as the aesthetics level and the human experience working with the dentist.

My partner and I stayed at Fort Cochin : a quiet and beautiful enclave, with very pleasant and clean guests houses. Our favourite above all and I can’t stop mentioning it, is the Chiramel Residency : a beautiful well preserved Portuguese colonial house. www.chiramelhomestay.com Fort Cochin is half an hour away from Dr Biju Thomas clinic, by a regular line with little boat and 8 minutes rickshaw or taxi.

It is a perfect place to rest and enjoy some holidays in the beauty of India, a peaceful well taken in care environment, with good and reasonable quality tourist shops and attractions. While many places in India are not easy for Western new visitors. specially while going through an intense dental surgery. I could not have ask for better, all together it has been an excellent experience and I love my teeth functional and beautiful.

Jahl Corrine Joyce

Email: craniosacral@hotmail.com.au

Contact: 0426 237 133