Becky Harrison
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Becky Harrison

Born in San Diego, California, Becky has always lived a very active lifestyle. But during a 1978 baseball game, she fell and broke several teeth, requiring a four-tooth bridge. But after 3 different bridges and some not so wonderful dentists, Becky needed implants and couldn’t afford to get them in the United States.

The concept of Medical Tourism was of interest to Becky since she had been following the growing trend to go overseas for expensive procedures. After a 2004 climb in the Indian Himalayas, Becky met with hospital directors and doctors, and interviewed numerous patients to see if Indian standards would meet western expectations, and thus usher in the new market of Medical Tourism for India. Becky’s main interest was dental and cosmetic surgery, the two most uninsured procedures in the United States. What she heard from patients and saw in clinics was a level of care equal to or better than those she experienced firsthand in the United States.

Becky has been a bank operations officer, a horse trainer, a dental office manager, a clothing designer and most recently the owner of a trekking company named the Adventurous Trekker, guiding groups of hikers into the Himalayas of both Nepal and India. So when it came to get her 30-year-old dental problem a final fix, India was the top country on her list.

During one of her semi-annual trips to Nepal, Becky decided it was time to find someone to take care of her failing dental situation. She had several criteria: the clinic needed its own dental lab, and the dentist must have a degree in maxillofacial procedures and specialize in dental implants. This led her to Dr. Biju Thomas of Cochin, India.

Becky found that Dr. Thomas was a true professional. He had a very gentle touch and an excellent manner that made her feel that she would finally receive the kind of outcome every patient should expect. The surgery required three teeth to be extracted, bone grafts and implants. The entire procedure took just over 2 hours and Becky needed only Tylenol for pain afterwards.

Now Becky is finally free of her bridge and three decades of problems, pain and worry. She is so happy with the work of Dr. Thomas, that she is proud to come on board as his clinic's International Patient Manager and helping other patients get the quality care they deserve.

Becky Harrison
International Patient Manager
Scientific Healthcare Pvt.Ltd

USA Phone: 1-603-728-8265
Skype: beckyharrison

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Dr.Biju Thomas
dental surgeon BDS., FFDRCSI.,
(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland)
FICOI, (Fellow of the
International Congress of Oral Implantologists). Consultant Dental and Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist. Dr. Biju Thomas is a highly qualified and experienced dental implant surgeon/implant dentist in India.

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