How to choose your Implant Surgeon/Clinic

How to choose your Implant Surgeon/Clinic

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Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatment is the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Resorting to dental implant treatment one can replace single, few, or complete upper and lower teeth. Dental implant treatment gives a non removable secured dental restoration with 99% biting efficiency as that of natural teeth. Dental implant treatment prevents shrinking of jaw bones and restores smile and confidence. Thus the quality of life is improved which is the best gift one can give to themselves.




Benefits of Dental implants

  • It can treat cases untreatable with conventional methods of dental bridges and dentures.
  • It prevents further shrinking of the jawbone following tooth loss.
  • It can perfectly restore chewing function.
  • It avoids cutting down and overloading the natural teeth occurring with conventional means of replacing tooth loss.
  • It helps to restore a patient’s self-esteem and confidence since it gives the feeling of regaining the real teeth.
  • It functions better than conventional dental bridges and dentures.
  • It gives superior aesthetic results

Treatment planning is more important than the surgical procedure itself. Series of communication is needed between the patient and the doctor to establish the following aspects.

a. Patients expectations

b. The main concerns of the patient

c. Patients general health including medical history and social history

d. A thorough knowledge patients dental history

e. Necessary radiological examinations are done

f. Financial implication of the procedure

g. Duration needed to complete the procedure

h. Expected outcome and possible complications

Once the treatment plan is accepted by the patient, the procedure is planned and performed with at most care. A proper follow up care and post operative instructions are of paramount importance which must be properly laid down to the patient. Needless to say every steps must be done with great care for a successful outcome.

How is the procedure performed?

In our center we have well laid dental implant treatment room which is fully fitted to carry out simple or complex dental implant procedure. The decorum is almost like an operation theater except the patient is treated in a dental chair. 99% of the cases are done in a local anesthesia. All the sterilization protocols, safety protocols, documentations and recording are similar to any major operation theater as in the west. The supporting staffs (Scrub nurse) who are assisting the surgeon are registered nurses who have operation theater work experience and have assisted surgeons in other disciplines like orthopedic, gynecology and even neurosurgery.

At this point we need to highlight that even the most complex dental implant procedure is very simple and straight forward in the hands of Dr. Thomas as testified by scores of our previous overseas patients.


Modern dental implant treatment is highly successful, as a general guideline, the five-year success rate of dental implant is over 95% with the lower jaw (mandible) and about 90% with upper jaw (maxilla). The success rates may slowly decrease as the implant stays longer in function.

In difficult cases, the success rates are expected to be lower. Despite the overall high success rates with dental implant treatment, there is still the possibility of failure, which can be contributed by various factors and conditions, such as poor healing power, poor bone quality, smoking and diabetes.


Whereas no medical treatment can be guaranteed 100 percent without risks and failures, implant operation can be considered very safe. The prosthetic phase of treatment is basically non-invasive and non-surgical in nature.