Elaine Quinn (Australia)

My name is Elaine and about a year ago I discovered that I needed to have implants due to bone loss. I visited a dentist in Qatar where I currently work and was informed that I needed 3 implants at the cost of QR 15,000 per implant. I was born in Scotland but live in Australia so the equivalent in Australian dollars was around $4500 per implant. I work as a nurse in Qatar and I consulted one of the dental nurses I work with who just happened to be in communication with Dr Thomas from Kerla, India. She gave me his web site and told me to do some research of my own however, she did stress that as far as she was concerned he was an expert in the field of dental implants.

I must admit I was very impressed by his qualifications and past experience so I decided to contact him, and sent him my x-rays by email. His assessment was that I would need 5 implants but he would give me a complete assessment and quote when he examined me. The cost was significantly less and more affordable for me as I was on a budget. I went with my intuition and decided to travel to India for treatment as I did not have confidence in the dentist who I saw initially in Qatar, Dr Thomas’s assessment made more sense to me than just the 3 implants I was originally quoted.

I made arrangements with Dr Thomas’s tour operator who helped me with my hotel and taxi pick up from the airport. I traveled to Kerla on my own and although I was anxious regarding my surgery all the travel arrangements went smoothly. After meeting Dr Thomas my fears immediately disappeared, he was honest and forthright regarding my treatment which immediately put me at ease. After further x-rays and an examination Dr Thomas advised me to have seven implants and a sinus lift plus two extractions. He was very gentle and professional and I had full confidence in him. In one day he managed to do all my surgery under local anaesthesia and I felt minimal discomfort. For someone like me who has had a life long fear of dentists this was an amazing accomplishment.

Luckily I had traveled to India before so I knew what to expect but for someone who has never been to India the cultural shock can be a bit daunting. My hotel was lovely and the staff were very attentive. As usual the heat and crowds in India especially street beggars can be a scary experience. My tip would be to carry a wad of small rupees and hand them out on your way past them and you will find that if you walk back they won’t bother you at all. India is an experience; I personally find India a wonderful vibrant country with many beautiful things to see and do.

I have now finished all my treatment and I am very pleased with the result. I had to return to India six months after my initial treatment for stage two, so two trips were required. Despite the two return airfare and hotel accommodation it was still significantly less than what I would have paid in Qatar or Australia. I can now smile again which I had stopped doing because I was too self conscious. I can not stress enough how lucky I was to have found Dr Thomas and no matter where I am in the world if I need treatment I will seek him out.

Elaine Quinn


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By Elaine Quinn (Australia)
From Australia