Dental Implants in Australia

Dental implant in Australia is becoming a standard dental treatment for replacement of lost or missing teeth. Many years ago it was very uncommon and was mostly available in teaching centers like in dental hospitals etc. Now many dental surgeons attend short term dental implant courses and most of the dental clinics now provide dental implants in Australia. There are freelancing dental implants specialists coming to general dental clinics to provide this treatment. As the treatment cost has to be shared between the visiting specialist and the base clinic, the overall cost of dental implant in Australia is very high. The crowns or bridges attached to the implants are fabricated in dental laboratories which are specialized in making dental implant crowns and bridges are also very expensive in Australia.

Meet our Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr.Biju Thomas BDS, FFDRCSI (IRELAND), FICOI (USA) is a maxillofacial surgeon with specialized maxillofacial fellowship from Royal College of surgeons Ireland and has worked many years as senior specialist in centers of excellence in UK and Ireland. Dr. Thomas does around 1500 implants per year and has 18 years' post fellowship experience in exclusive dental implants treatment.

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The dental council of Australia has given special warnings on how to choose your dental implant surgeon.
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Cost of Dental Implants in Australia

An average cost of dental implant in Australia is around 4500 AUD$. This includes the cost of dental implant, abutment cost, crown cost, laboratory charges, surgery cost and consultation etc. Five or six implants at this cost are unaffordable even for the middle class. It is a common practice that patients do travel to different countries for cost effective, high quality dental implant treatment. One such destination is India. We at Scientific Dental Clinic offers 80% savings in cost compared to the price of dental implants in Australia. Even after considering flight charges, accommodation and etc.

Dental Implant Clinic in Australia

Choosing dental implant clinic in Australia is based on many parameters.


You can see many dental clinics in Australia have included dental implant treatment also as one of their services. Most of the private dental clinics are run by general dental surgeons who are mostly doing general dental procedures. For performing dental implant treatment they are bringing visiting or freelancing dental implant surgeon at a premium treatment cost. On top of this the base dental clinic also adds their service charge which in the end makes the cost of dental implant in Australia humongous and unaffordable. Especially when more numbers of implants are required patients often look into other options to make it affordable.


It is important to look into the qualifications and expertise of the dental implant surgeons in any dental implant clinic in Australia that you choose for. Complex dental implant treatment needs high level of surgical expertise. For this the surgeon must have worked in any of the Maxillo facial departments preferably in a NHS Hospital and has to work minimum in the capacity of the registrar to acquire basic surgical expertise. Usually in this period they get to do lot of minor oral surgeries in the mouth, fractures of the jaw bone, salivary glands surgery, minor cancer surgery on the mouth etc. with this sort of background any surgeon performing straight forward or complex dental implant procedures will be competent enough to work around any unforeseen surprises. Qualification also needs to be look into. There are short term dental implant courses with few days to week's duration which gives certificate enabling dentist to perform dental implant procedure. Another factor one needs to look into is years of experience that the surgeon has in the discipline of implant dentistry. To make the long story short qualification, surgical expertise, numbers of years in the field are the minimum parameters that one should look into. In a genuine dental implant clinic in Australia this are clearly evident from the doctor's profile in the website. Any dental clinic websites which does not give this information can be considered suspicious and one should be careful in choosing that clinic.


Any dental implant clinic will have added facilities when compared to ordinary dental clinics. Area wise the surgery room will be bigger as more equipments and surgical trolleys to display the armamentarium. Most of the time there will be more supporting staff (Scrub Nurse, Runner, Assistant Surgeon and Trainees) in the operating room and hence bigger area is required. Performing complex dental implant procedures in an ordinary dental practice which is designed for general dental procedures can be considered a compromise.

At Scientific Dental Clinic which is an exclusive dental implant practice the facilities are tailor made for performing complex dental implants procedures. Regarding the expertise and qualification please click the link below

Price Comparison on Dental Implants Worldwide
Upto 75% - 80% Savings

Country UK sterling price including hospital and doctors’ fees US dollar equivalent Percentage saving on UK price
UK £2,000 $3,500 -
Croatia £560 $850 72%
Czech £780 $1,350 61%
Greece £875 $975 56%
Hungary £780 $840 61%
Italy £560 $1,200 72%
India* £400 $800 70%-80%
Lithuania £530 $1,400 74%
Romania £740 $1,350 63%
Serbia £570 $975 72%
Spain £690 $3500 65%
Thailand £1,100 $900 47%
Tunisia £600 $1,300 70%
Turkey £585 $975 70%

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Testimonials from Australia Patients
Treated at scientific dental clinic

Dental Implants Australia
Grahambell (Australia)
I must say I was fortunate enough to find the person whom I believe is the best doctor in dental implant treatment. All my dental implants were a great success. The teeth look so great many of my friends comment on how natural they look. I firmly believe that Dr Biju Thomas is one of the best in the dental implant treatment. In his clinic he does lot of implants and I met mostly overseas patients from all over the world coming to his clinic exclusively for dental implant treatment. I even met a lady who is just 20 km from my house in Australia .Not only do I feel he is the best but his treatment charges are the most affordable among the different clinics worldwide.

Dental Implants Australia Chad Edginton
Dr Biju Thomas was very patient with us answering our myriad of questions about what to expect in India also regarding the procedures. What really made the difference to me was that Dr Thomas has lived and been trained and worked in senior positions in Ireland and the UK, so he really understood our ‘Western’ needs and concerns unlike any other clinic we contacted in India.

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Doctors Profile
Dr.Biju Thomas
dental surgeon BDS., FFDRCSI.,
(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland)
FICOI, (Fellow of the
International Congress of Oral Implantologists). Consultant Dental and Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist. Dr. Biju Thomas is a highly qualified and experienced dental implant surgeon/implant dentist in India.

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