Dental Implants Prices Worldwide

Price Comparison on Dental Implants Worldwide
Upto 75% - 80% Savings

Country UK sterling price including hospital and doctors’ fees US dollar equivalent Percentage saving on UK price
UK £2,000 $3,500 -
Croatia £560 $850 72%
Czech £780 $1,350 61%
Greece £875 $975 56%
Hungary £780 $840 61%
Italy £560 $1,200 72%
India* £400 $800 70%-80%
Lithuania £530 $1,400 74%
Romania £740 $1,350 63%
Serbia £570 $975 72%
Spain £690 $3500 65%
Thailand £1,100 $900 47%
Tunisia £600 $1,300 70%
Turkey £585 $975 70%

Price of Dental Implants

Average dental clinics worldwide charges 2500 to 3500 dollars per implant. Though the price list says the implant priced at 800 dollars, but there are additional prices for abutment, crown etc making it 2500 to 3500 dollars.

At scientific dental clinic in Kerala with Dr Thomas, each implant is 800 dollars. (All inclusive). NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

This is a true 75 % saving. When you are considering full mouth implant the savings can be enormous. The implants we recommend are ADA, CE certified. The artificial crown material is ceramic is either VITA from Germany or IVOCLAIR from Switzerland.


Cost of dental implants

Cost of dental implants varies from clinic to clinic. It is quiet confusing for patients to choose which clinic to go for. There are many factors which affects the price of dental implants. Some of the factors mention below determines the cost of dental implants.

  • a. The brand of the implants
  • b. The qualification and experience of the surgeon ( Surgeons Fee)
  • c. Number of implants needed
  • d. The geographic location of the clinic
  • e. The associated surgical procedures like bone grafts
  • f. The type of abutments chosen (Angulated Abutments cost more)
  • g. The type of crown (Zirconium crowns will cost more than PFM crowns)
  • h. Type of anesthesia required (General Anesthesia is more expensive than local anesthesia)
  • i. Number of team members involved (Service of a prosthodontist is expensive when compared to a surgeon who performs surgical and prosthetic phase all by himself)
  • j. The type of laboratory service used. (High end dental laboratory charges are many folds compared to ordinary dental laboratories)
  • k. CAD-CAM procedures used in assessment of the cases will make the treatment more expensive
  • l. Specialize the planning software used for making surgical stents for performing the surgery
  • m. CAD-CAM procedures used in the fabrication of implants supported crown and bridges.
  • n. Numbers of consultation and length of chair time.
  • o. Type of provisional prosthesis. ( A removable partial denture is less expensive when compared to transitional implants supported temporary bridge )
  • p. Type of implants. (Mini implants are cheaper than conventional implants)
  • q. Certification of implants. (FDA and CE certified implants are more expensive when compared to Non certified or clones of implants)
  • r. Surface characteristics of implants. (Machined implants are less expensive compared to an implant which has got surface treatment. Hydroxy appetite coated surface, plasma sprayed surface, TI-Unite surface of Nobel Biocare implants etc. are few to mention)
  • s. Thread pattern of implants. Self tapping screws maybe more expensive
  • t. Prosthetic platform of implants (Internal Hex implants are more expensive than External Hew implants)
  • u. Shape of the implants. ( Tapered are more expensive than straight implants)
  • v. Combo packaging. (Certain manufacturers provide implant and abutment package in one compared to some manufacturers implant and abutment are packed and charged separately)

It is usually difficult for the patients as layman to go into these details and make an assessment. One has to obviously trust the surgeon or the clinic when they justified the pricing. The easiest way is to do an online research. For this one can look in to the testimonials posted by the patients and personally contacting them and gathering information. This information which you got can be compared to the treatment quotes you received from the clinic that you intend to go for the treatment.

It is a common practice that patients do travel to different countries for cost effective, high quality dental implant treatment. One such destination is India.

We at Scientific Dental Clinic offers 80% savings in cost compared to the price of dental implants from the West and Australasia. Any patients who contact us will get a firm quote and there are no hidden charges. This way you can plan your finances better. There are customized payment plans and equated monthly installments facility provided. Major credit card are accepted. Get a free online consultation now click the link .

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