Clinton Bingham (Australia)

I visited the Scientific Dental Clinic in Kochi, India. When I arrived at the clinic my teeth were in poor shape with another 8 missing altogether.

At my first appointment Dr Biju Thomas examined my mouth ,and then sat with me and gave me an honest and detailed explanation of what would be involved in giving me a mouthful of nice white teeth again. This included, procedures, timing ,and of course prices.

Dr Biju and his staff at all times made me feel comfortable,and I always felt that I was in the best of care. Its been 2 years now since Dr Biju replaced my missing teeth with implants, and also crowned my other teeth . I can honestly say i have never regretted for a minute, having my dental work done at the Scientific Dental Clinic. I have since recommended Dr Biju Thomas to a few of my close friends and they also have had positive experiences . Visiting Dr Biju and his wonderful staff to have my dental work done is easily the best thing i have done for myself for many years.


Clinton Bingham

Macedon Victoria, Australia

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By Clinton Bingham (Australia)
From Australia