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Dear Biju, I would like to thankyou for the amazing work you have carried out on my teeth, After a visit to my local Australian dentist in 2006 I walked out stunned after he told me due to the condition of my teeth in the lower jaw he could not save the four front teeth […]

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, I am back in California and, thanks to you, I am ….smiling! Tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA and for me the No.1 reason to be thankful is the excellent care I received from you. Between the time I was picked up at the airport and the […]

I traveled from Republic of Ireland to Kerala, A southern most state in India (almost half the way across the globe) exclusively for dental implant treatment this march 2009. For the last five years I was on the look out for an implantologist who could do dental implant treatment for me. I traveled to Italy, […]

December 2009 My wife and I (both aged around 60) were very pleased with Dr Biju’s work on our teeth earlier in the year, and we now both have proper function restored to our mouths, as well as improved aesthetics! The implants were carried out efficiently and with care and consideration, with each stage of […]

I accompanied my friend, Amelita C. Bacolod(Amy) and traveled from Thailand to Kerala, India and met the brilliant Dr. Biju Thomas for her permanent 20 teeth implants. I was beside her inside the OR when Dr. Biju processed everything excellently. As a witness, I can assure you his genuine work. I have a lot more […]

Thanks to the dedicated work of Dr. Biju Thomas and his experienced and specialized team, I now have upper implants placed and loaded – all during 2010, to complement my already placed Belgian lower jaw implants. I am now enjoying a normal dental life (eating, speaking, singing and sleeping) for the first time in more […]

The appearance and performance of my capped teeth are excellent. My daughter says they make me look distinctly younger. Biju Thomas’s work represents good value and his background of hospital appointments in England gives confidence. Arthur Rope Uk and France Email : By ARTHUR ROPE (United Kingdom) From France

FEBRUARY 2010 I would like to share my experience of travelling to kerala, India and having dental implant treatment. After developing gum disease around 17 months ago, my mouth and teeth were in very bad condition. I was told that I will lose all my teeth within 2-3 years. I was very depressed that at […]

My name is Elaine and about a year ago I discovered that I needed to have implants due to bone loss. I visited a dentist in Qatar where I currently work and was informed that I needed 3 implants at the cost of QR 15,000 per implant. I was born in Scotland but live in […]

Dear Dr Biju Thomas, I am writing to thank you kindly for the work that you recently completed for myself, Peta, and my mother in law Doris. We were both utterly delighted with the friendly and professional service we received. Upon my return to the UK I have received so many compliments in response to […]