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Dental Implant treatment patient testimonial from United States


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Dental Implants Testimonials

Inga Holle (United States)

This is for anyone who is considering having dental work performed at the Scientific Dental Clinic of Dr. Biju Thomas.

My daughter Heidi, age 49 has suffered from severe depression for many years and has been medicated for her affliction for a long time. A side effect of continuous use of anti-depressants is dry mouth, which in turn can cause rotting of the teeth. Such was the case with Heidi’s teeth.

As she has a strong gag reflex, dentures were not recommended and we looked into the possibility of having all of her remaining teeth pulled and replaced with implants.

We soon found out that such a procedure, done in the US was out of the question for us financially.

My son suggested that we check the internet and possibly get it done overseas. We looked at possibilities in Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and finally India and came upon Dr. Thomas’ website. We started corresponding with his wife, Manju Thomas who is extremely helpful and provided us with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Dr. Thomas provided us with a detailed cost estimate, which was about 1/3rd the cost of what it would have been in the US. That included 2 round trip airline tickets and 2 two week stays in India with hotel accommodations, transportation and food.

Heidi’s first trip was in January 2012 and she just returned from her 2nd trip to India with gorgeous and very natural looking teeth, as well as a beautiful and happy smile. We feel like we hit the jackpot by having Dr. Thomas do the extractions and the implants during the first visit and getting her porcelain crowns attached during this recent visit. He is a master of his trade!

Dr. Thomas’ scholastic background is phenomenal and he has been in practice for many years, not only in Kochi, India, but also in Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman.

Both Heidi and I strongly recommend Dr. Thomas and would be very happy to talk to anyone interested in finding out more regarding her experience. My name is Inga Holle; I reside in Show Low, Arizona and can be reached by phone + 928-537-5353 Or by email:

Inga Holle


By Inga Holle (United States)
From United States

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