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Dental Implants India
Dental Implants India

Testimonial for Dr Biju Thomas

My wife and I are on a prolonged sailing trip on our yacht Ambrosia. We had come to India to do some inland travel then sail to our next destination.

As happens dental treatment was required and by chance we came across the surgery of Dr Biju Thomas in Cochin. After preliminary discussion and examination the option of implants was raised. We had not considered this procedure in Australia as the cost was prohibitive and we did not have enough information from suitably qualified and experienced dentists. We also thought we may be too old as were both in out 60’s.

I have a full upper and lower denture and my wife had a partial upper and lower denture. Lyn required extensive treatment as a number of her teeth had reached the stage where crowns or extractions were required. Dr Thomas spent considerable time explaining the procedure of implants and the long term effects of bone loss in the jaw due to dentures. This convinced us that implants was the only way to go.

We felt quite at ease with Dr Thomas and his staff and had immense confidence in him due to his experience overseas as well as in India. His surgery is well equipped and equal or better than a lot we had seen in Australia and some of the Asian countries we had visited. A quote for the work was readily given which was within our budget and surprisingly lower than any other similar procedure we could find on the internet. We researched the procedure as thoroughly a possible to ensure that we new the history and current procedures on implants.

Dr Thomas explained the procedure and time frame to us as well as detailing his plan to restore our teeth and smile. I needed a full mouth rehabilitation and Lyn needed a number of teeth removed as well as some crowns and implants. In all I required 16 implants and Lyn 14.

I considered the pain of 16 implants in the dentist’s chair was not within my pain threshold so opted for a general anesthetic to do all the implants in one hit. This procedure I would recommend. Lyn is much braver than me and opted for the dentist’s chair.

Dr Thomas then modified my dentures and made Lyn another set so we could carry on as normal.

After six months we returned to India and Dr Thomas carried on the procedure by exposing the implants and testing each one to ensure they had amalgamated with the bone. To our delight all had taken. The next four weeks was taken up in construction of the framework and fitting the ceramic teeth.

Dr Thomas was patient and a perfectionist and ensured the implants and structure gave us the best strength and natural look to our new teeth.

We have tested our new teeth and they have met our expectations.

Another approach from Dr Thomas that we had not encountered in a dentist before was his holistic approach to our health. This was most reassuring. To him teeth are only a part of the story. General health was also high on his agenda to ensure the implants had the best chance of amalgamating with the bone and we could both enjoy eating the foods we like.

His patience with our needs and feelings was excellent. His professional approach was better than I or Lyn had experienced at any time as was his attention to detail. On a number of occasions we though that we were taking up excessive amounts of his time with minor adjustments but he reassured us that it was our health and well-being that was his major concern.

Would we do it again – yes. Would we use Dr Thomas again – yes.
If we needed any major adjustments or repairs made to our teeth we would certainly come back to India and have Dr Thomas carry out the procedure.

Dr Thomas is one of the professionals that you come across once in a lifetime.

Lyn & Tony Rowlands



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International Congress of Oral Implantologists). Consultant Dental and Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist. Dr. Biju Thomas is a highly qualified and experienced dental implant surgeon/implant dentist in India.

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