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Dental Implants in New Zealand


Dental implants in New Zealand are very expensive and to get an appointment with the implant dentists is very time taking. Most of the dental implants clinic in New Zealand has a team of doctors working on a single patient. For example the surgical phase is done by the surgeon and the prosthetic phase is done by the Prosthodontist and the general follow up and the referral part are done by the general dentist. As the profit has to be shared the cost of dental implant treatment in New Zealand is very high. The salary structure of the supporting staff like dental implant nurse, other clinic staffs are also very high. The dental implant in New Zealand is becoming more expensive because the dental laboratory charges are also very high.

Price of dental implants in New Zealand varies from clinic to clinic. It is quiet confusing for patients to choose which clinic to go for. It is usually difficult for the patients as layman to go into these details and make an assessment. One has to obviously trust the surgeon or the clinic when they give the pricing. The easiest way is to do an online research. For this one can go with the testimonials posted by the patients and personally contacting them and gathering information. This information which you got can be compared to the treatment quotes you received from the dental implant clinic that you intend to go for the treatment.

Now it is a common practice for patients in New Zealand to travel to other countries for cheap but high quality dental implant treatment. This brings enormous savings. Affordable, inexpensive, cheap high quality dental implant treatment available in India and in Dubai .True savings of 80 % in cost in complex dental implant treatment compared to the cost of dental implants in New Zealand.




The above two clinics are owned by worlds renounced Consultant Oral & Maxillo - Facial Surgeon and dental implant specialist

Dr. Biju Thomas BDS, FFDRCS (Ireland) , FICOI (USA )

Dr. Thomas does around 1500 implants per year and has 18 years of post fellowship experience in exclusive dental implants treatment. The clinic offers 99% success rate and a lifetime warranty on all the works carried out. There are scores of patients who have had full mouth dental implant treatment from New Zealand and whose implants are in function over 10 years. In our website testimonials of their true identities are revealed and their contact information can be passed on so that one can contact them and share their experience.

You can contact our Patient Representative from New Zealand

Mr.Mike Drew

Phone: 09 817 1960 or 021356178


Mr.Mike Drew is our previous patients who have undergone complex dental implant treatment with Dr. Thomas. He have travelled all the way exclusively for dental implant treatment and now he volunteer as a representative to share his experience and to give guidance on how to prepare for the dental implant treatment if at all you are planning for a journey of the same. READ MR.MIKE DREW TESTIMONIAL. .

The dental council of New Zealand has given special warnings on how to choose your dental implant surgeon.


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