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Dental Implants in France


Affordable, inexpensive, cheap high quality dental implant treatment available in India True savings of 75 % in cost in complex dental implant treatment compared to France prices.

Most of the people who deserve dental implant treatment in France does not avail it due to the huge cost involved. They live with the dental disability compromising the quality of life. This causes social, health, and personality problems.

For years people are traveling to far off places for medical tourism. Many patients from France are successfully treated for complex dental implant rehabilitation at scientific dental clinic.

We at scientific dental clinic specialize in complex dental implant treatment. Our implant surgeon Dr THOMAS is a maxillofacial surgeon with specialized maxillofacial fellowship from Royal College of surgeons Ireland and has worked many years as senior specialist in centers of excellence in UK and Ireland. Now in Kerala he set up this state of the art institute for dental implant treatment and is in function for the last ten years.

Kerala is the most sought tourist destination in India is only a day away from France. We take care of you right from the time you land in airport until you are seen off after the treatment. We guarantee you a true savings of over 75% from France pricing with a lifetime warranty on all the work we do.

Price Comparison in France and India

Average dental clinics in France charges 2500 to 3500 dollars per implant. Though the price list says the implant priced at 800 dollars, but there are additional prices for abutment, crown etc making it 2500 to 3500 dollars.

At scientific dental clinic in Kerala with Dr Thomas, each implant is 800 dollars. (All inclusive). NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

This is a true 75 % saving. When you are considering full mouth implant the savings can be enormous. The implants we recommend are FDA certified. The artificial crown material is ceramic is either VITA from Germany or IVOCLAIR from Switzerland.

We Take Care Of Your Logistics From A to Z
Travel Safe with Us

Scientific dental clinic has an exclusive tour division where we look after our overseas patient’s logistics. Completely free of cost.

Enquire about all details regarding:

  • Airport pick up
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Pick up to the clinic and drop
  • Tour related activities

Before you take decision on having the treatment with us our tour division can give you all the details and costing of your stay, transport, tour etc so that you can budget the trip in such a way there are no surprises. Visit our tour division web site

Testimonials from France Patients
Treated at scientific dental clinic

Bill Boychuk/Corinne Campbell
"We were just tourists in India and by chance had a conversation with a woman who had dental treatment at the clinic of Dr Thomas. After checking the web site and credentials of Dr Thomas (most impressive are his credentials from Cambridge, in England, and Trinity College, Ireland) we both had treatment in 2007. We were extremely happy we did."

I had dental implant treatment for full moth rehabilitation. I am waiting to complete the healing period to come back and get my permanent teeth attached to my implants.

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(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland)
FICOI, (Fellow of the
International Congress of Oral Implantologists). Consultant Dental and Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist. Dr. Biju Thomas is a highly ...

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