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Dental Implant in Canada, Dental Implant Packages in India


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Dental Implants Treatment Worldwide

Dental Implants in Canada

Dental Implants in Canada

Most of the people who deserve dental implants in Canada does not avail it due to the huge cost involved. They live with the dental disability compromising the quality of life. This causes social, health, and personality problems.

Cost of Dental Implants in Canada

An average cost of dental implant in Canada is around 2500 to 3500 US $ per implant. This includes the cost of dental implant, abutment cost, crown cost, laboratory charges, surgery cost and consultation etc. Five or six implants at this cost are unaffordable even for the middle class. We at Scientific Dental Clinic we give the price of a single implant at 800 US $ ALL INCLUSIVE which covers implant, abutment, crown, surgery charges, consultation etc. Any specialized investigations like dental scans are prescribed only if there is specific indication. Thus the treatment cost itself is 80% cheaper even after you pay for the airfare and accommodation expense, a considerable amount of money is saved.

It is a common practice that patients from Canada to do travel to different countries for cost effective, high quality dental implant treatment.



We have two state of the art exclusive dental implant practices one in Dubai and other in Kerala, India. That way you can choose your destination and also have a holiday.

Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in India

Dr. Thomas Dental Implant Clinic DMCC in Dubai

Our Dental Implant Surgeon

In both the clinics you will be treated personally by Dr.Biju Thomas BDS FFDRCS (Ireland), FICOI (USA) who is a senior consultant Oral & Maxillo - Facial surgeon who worked in centers of excellence like Cambridge University Hospital, UK and Trinity University Hospital, Ireland. He does around 1500 implants per year and his dental implant success rate is 99% and this exceeds the global success rate.  

The dental council of Canada has given special warnings on how to choose your dental implant surgeon.

But when you choose a dental clinic or a dental implant surgeon overseas please follow the guidelines given by the dental council. One should also contact the previous patients treated from that clinic trough the contact information given by them in the testimonials from the website you're researching. Any testimonials which do not have contact information cannot be considered genuine. If one does not do the simple homework then if anything goes wrong only you can be blamed. Thus when you search for affordable dental implants in Ireland and if you happen to read this article, you might get an insight into dental tourism.

There are scores of patients who have had full mouth dental implant treatment from Canada and whose implants are in function over 10 years. In our website testimonials their true identities are revealed and their contact information can be passed on so that one can contact them and share their experience.

The True Benefits

  • Huge Savings in treatment cost
  • Lifetime warranty for all work done by us.
  • Diligent sterilization techniques
  • Excellent English speaking staff
  • Both Kerala and Dubai are excellent holiday destination

Testimonials from Canada Patients

Dental Implants Canada Geoff Ryan PMP
In April 2007 my wife and I travelled to Kerala in India and visited Dr Biju Thomas. Over the course of four days I had 8 extractions and recieve 14 implants. The service and hospitatlity that we recieved was very proffesional and the results are very encouraging. I have not hesitated to recommend Dr Thomas to my freinds and relatives. 

Dental Implants Canada William Carey
My local dentist in Canada referred me to a dental implantologist as I was left with only two teeth in the upper jaw and 6 bad teeth in lower jaw. The DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT cost in Canada was unaffordable. During my search for alternatives I got information that people do travel to other countries for extensive dental treatment. That’s how Dr Thomas’s name came up. I contacted Dr Thomas on 16-10-07 by email for a full mouth dental implant treatment.


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