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Dental Implants in United Kingdom


Dental implants in United Kingdom is becoming a common dental procedure for replacement of lost or missing teeth. Now many dental surgeons attend short term dental implant courses and most of the dental clinics now provide dental implants treatment in United Kingdom. There are visiting dental implants specialists coming to general dental clinics to provide this treatment. As the profit has to be shared between the visiting specialist and the base clinic, the cost of dental implant treatment in UK is very high. The crowns or bridges attached to the implants are fabricated in dental laboratories which are specialized in making dental implant crowns and bridges are also very expensive in UK. An average cost of dental implant in United Kingdom is around 2500 pounds. This includes the implant cost, abutment cost, crown cost, laboratory charges, surgery cost and consultation etc. Five or six implants at this cost are unaffordable even for the middle class.

Our Dental Implant Surgeon

The dental council of United Kingdom has given special warnings on how to choose your dental implant surgeon. Dr. Thomas who is our dental implant surgeon who has done dental implant in United Kingdom in centers of excellence like Cambridge University Hospital (Addenbrookes NHS) and has specialized Maxillo Facial Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Dr. Thomas does around 1500 implants per year and has 18 years' post fellowship experience in exclusive dental implants treatment. The clinic offers 98% success rate and a lifetime warranty on all the works carried out. There are scores of patients who have had full mouth dental implant treatment from UK and whose implants are in function over 10 years. In our website testimonials their true identities are revealed and their contact information can be passed on so that one can contact them and share their experience.

Dr. Thomas have two clinics, one in Kerala India and the other in Dubai. In both the places Dr. Thomas personally treats all the implant patients. Talk to our previous patients now and save a fortune on dental implant treatment.

Beware of Misleading Advertisement

Many a times there are advertisement about dental implants in United Kingdom in audio-visual Medias and internet about affordable dental implants in United Kingdom. The advertisement says affordable dental implants in UK are available at affordable prices as low as 400 pounds. But when one goes into detail the picture is different. Consultation 50 pounds, Implant fixture 400 pounds, Abutment 400 pounds, Crown 400 pounds, Bone Graft 400 pounds. Adding all this together the total cost will be 1650 pounds. Multiple implants make this treatment very expensive and unaffordable even to middle class people. There are other factors which make dental implant treatment expensive. Unwanted specialized CT scans, X-rays, etc. Add to the treatment cost. Multiple consultations and lengthy chair time and unwanted specialized anesthesia like intravenous sedation etc. will add to the cost. The newer concept of using planning software provided by many implant companies is also a good commercial practice in many of the treatment centers. All this mentioned above can be used sensibly only if there is an indication. Thus . That way unwanted expenses can be controlled.

Low Cost Dental Implants in India

At Scientific Dental Clinic with Dr. Thomas when a treatment quote is given it is firm and there are no surprises. We give the price of a single implant 500pounds all inclusive which covers implant, abutment, crown, surgery charges, consultation etc. Any specialized investigations like dental scans are prescribed only if there is specific indication. Such investigation in India is 80% cheaper than in UK. The online consultation is completely free and no advance payments are collected before the treatment started. A payment contract is signed indicating the total treatment charge before the treatment is commenced. Most of the two stage dental implant treatment an amicable payment option is incorporated so that patients get the advantage of part payment. Thus the treatment cost of dental implants is 80% cheaper and probably the cheapest dental implant treatment with high quality.

Even after you pay for the airfare and accommodation expense, a considerable amount of money is saved.

Testimonials from UK Patients
Treated at scientific dental clinic

I am so VERY grateful and thank God that I 'found' you on the internet. It was a very big uncharacteristic risk for me to take, but turned out to be the most inspired thing I have ever done!!

Even with all the travelling and accommodation expenses we have saved a substantial sum of money and have enjoyed some excellent holidays as well; especially when Emirates upgraded us no less than four times! Truly a win-win solution!

Due to a severe dental phobia caused through bad treatment while I young, I had not visited a dentist for over 30 years. My teeth were missing or broken and the ones that were left were yellowing and decayed. I had suffered for years with toothache and abscesses but even that pain was preferable than visiting a dentist.

I wanted to add my testimonial to everyone's' else's to highlight to the world the incredible work you do.

December 2009
My wife and I (both aged around 60) were very pleased with Dr Biju's work on our teeth earlier in the year, and we now both have proper function restored to our mouths, as well as improved aesthetics!

Testimonial for Dr Biju Thomas (October-2007)
When I decided to have implant surgery, I first consulted dentists in this country, but was staggered by the cost, it was then suggested by a friend that I should consider travelling abroad for the procedure. I e-mailed several web sites, but the first to reply was Dr. Thomas, I supplied the relevant details, and received a quotation (subject to x-rays) within 24 hours.

Dear Dr. Biju,
I wanted to write and commend you on your extraordinary dental skills and your impeccable manner of care. It was a pleasure to be in your comfortable office last week and feel totally confident. I thank you.

My beautiful new crown
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Biju. Having lost a crown over breakfast while staying in Cochin, I saw Dr Biju the same day. My new ceramic crown is the best I have had - immediately comfortable and a perfect fit. It justified my air flight to India, and I shall certainly return should I need crowns or implants in future.

The appearance and performance of my capped teeth are excellent. My daughter says they make me look distinctly younger. Biju Thomas's work represents good value and his background of hospital appointments in England gives confidence.

Dear Dr.

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